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Ending Net Neutrality Means Ending The Free & Open Internet

Net Neutrality is the principal of equal access to The Internet, and it's been the rule of law for all online content since... the very beginning of The Internet. 

When Net Neutrality rules are in place, internet service providers (AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Cox, etc.) must enable access to all web-based content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. They'll be able to block, throttle, and divide The Internet into fast and slow lanes.

When the FCC ends Net Neutrality on December 14th, the internet will cease to exist as we know it. Those internet service providers — ISPs — will be able to control what we see and do online.

They'll be allowed to make us pay more money to access certain content — things like high-speed video streaming or other premium features. Small websites and content creators might also face extra fees if they want their content to load quickly and/or be accessible to anyone. 

Here's one of Vox's  cool, long explainer things on what Net Neutrality means, and why it’s so important.


More Information About Net Neutrality

In 2014 John Oliver made a video about Net Neutrality and 13 million people LOLd. So he made Part II and Part III.

A quick and simple video about why Net Neutrality matters, via Battle for The Net ( if you're a content creator there there is a downloadable version that you can add to your videos)

What happens after the death of the internet? The Washington Post and Forbes broke it down.

The Nation wrote a good piece where someone called Pai’s new rules “naked corporatism” and “Washington at its worst,”

This FCC commissioner is begging us to stop her from killing The Internet.

What else happened? Well, since you asked, bots impersonating over 100,000 American citizens posted fake anti-Net Neutrality comments during the FCC’s public comment process.

For civil rights and racial justice groups Net Neutrality protections are essential to organizing and protest.

Also, eliminating Net Neutrality would really suck for small businesses.

Not to mention online content creators (many of whom signed a letter in protest). The Internet Creators Guild released some very helpful talking points with specifics on how ending Net Neutrality will impact online creators and gamers. 

The NYT underscored that point, arguing that digital competition is already greatly imperiled, and ending Net Neutrality will make it much much worse. In short, "This was not the way the internet was supposed to go."

ICYMI, President Obama had a dope plan to preserve the free and open internet. ;(

Speaking on NowThis Politics, Sen. Bernie Sanders said, "...This is so dangerous. The internet has been a way for issues to get out there that the corporate media would not put out. For people to communicate with each other. And we cannot allow them to destroy that process."

So is there any good news? Slate breaks down how we can still save The Internet. In short, we need to 1) make noise and 2) call Congress.



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